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Two, one published titled Stalemate, add fiction to events that actually happened in Britain in the first third of the twentieth century. More about 'Stalemate'.

The one I'm working on now is what people would call a 'real historical novel', set mainly in England at the join between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.


No, it's not another tale of the Tudors. In fact the Tudors are dead and buried in the first pages of the novel.


It's a 'what if . . .?' story. What if . . . Richard III had been victorious at Bosworth on August 22 (new style) 1485?


As he might easily have been with a little luck.

Richard III (reigned 1483 to 1515)? No Tudors, then. What else might have been different? No Reformation? No abrupt end to the roles of monks, nuns, and friars in England? England a prime mover in the voyages of discovery? An explanation for what happened to the 'Princes in the Tower'?


Well, we'll have to see how the story turns out.     


The new novel is called 'This Son of York'.


It takes as its theme the strong similarities between King Richard and his father, also Richard, Duke of York, a major mover and shaker in the later first half of the fifteenth century in England, and the catalyst for much of what has become known as 'The Wars of the Roses' or 'The Cousins War'.


Neither of Richard III's older brothers seem to have so closely resembled their father in character or appearance as did his youngest son. The eldest boy, later Edward IV, was a charismatic charmer, physically a giant, highly politically aware, and something of a libertine (like his grandson, Henry VIII). The second son, George, later Duke of Clarence, by contrast was shallow, unprincipled, and easily-led. No wonder that in 1483, Richard, taking the kingship on himself, accentuated for the public how he shared his father's virtues and strengths, and that he was 'English born'.


Here's my thoughts on what

happened to the 'Princes' in the Tower

Please let me know what you think.


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