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I'm well into Shakespeare's 'Sixth Age', characterised as '. . . the lean and slipper'd pantaloon . . . ' whose clothes hang off the diminished frame, and whose voice has lost its force and . . . 'pipes and whistles'. And there are many more of us now than would have been dreamed of even by my grandparents' generation, never mind the Bard's. And the more of us, it seems, the more talk turns to how much of a problem we are to society.


I know I'm open to a charge of self-importance. Why should my views on being elderly be of any particular value? Yet when I look around, apart from the occasional celebrity like Hunter Davies telling us how it is, there's not much out there – especially in comparison with those, usually a lot younger, who let it all hang out on the matter of their cancer.


I hope that what I have to say over the next months in this blog will spark interest first and foremost in those who are aware of their being on what we must all accept is the final lap and who have something to contribute to the subject; then those who recognise they're on the way to old age but not there yet, and finally, younger people with elderly relatives or friends.


There is, and I admit it, some self-indulgence; this blog is a matter of record perhaps for my grandchildren.



My aim is to write every couple of weeks, for as long as it takes, to cover subjects relating to growing old, from where I am now to my views and expectations of the endgame, to use a chess player's metaphor.


The kinds of things I have in mind are:
- Physical health and limitations
- As my brain grows older
- Emotions and memories
- Getting comfortable and sleeping
- Companionship and friends
- Sex
- The NHS and me
- Income and expenses
- Fears and phobias

- A dignified end?

- How others see it


Hopefully, will come from responses to my blog.


I'll try to keep the tone constructive and positive, so not a grumpy old git's rant, taking into account current discourse I read, see or hear, while using my own experiences and reactions as a foundation; a world I'm still a part of but have to recognise that in its longer-running scenarios, I probably won't be around to see the conclusion. We have a six year old cat and it brings me up short to think he'll probably still be here when I'm not.

A warm welcome to my web blog.  I blog about growing old....